Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS)

Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS)

CLS certification recognizes those individuals who possess current knowledge of lubrication fundamentals and theory, and are well versed in the following areas:

-         Lubrication Fundamentals

-         Fluid Conditioning

-         Storage, Handling, and Application of Lubricants

-         Monitoring and Reducing Consumption of Lubricants

-         Gears

-         Bearings

-         Seals

-         Fluid Power Hydraulic Systems

-         Lubricant Manufacturing

-         Pneumatics

-         Transportation

-         Metalworking

-         Solvents and Cleaners

-         Problem Solving


Energy Petroleum Company’s Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS) are able to:

-         Evaluate and select the proper lubricants to use. Recommend changes in lubricants.

-         Assist in purchasing lubricants by identifying which companies and products can be used interchangeably in a cost-effective manner.

-         Conduct lube surveys; specify lubricants and procedures to those buying or installing new equipment.

-         Train lubricators and assembler work lists for them to use. Establish lube frequencies on all equipment. Design or modify all types of lubricant dispensing systems.

-         Develop and implement Quality Assurance and Used Lubricant analysis programs.

-         Oversee oily waste collection, reclamation or disposal. Convert as much usage as is economical to bulk.

-         Consolidate lubricant inventories to the fewest possible products.

-         Maintain records of lubricants by application throughout a plant.

-         Troubleshoot and problems solve supposed lubrication failures to identify root cause. Identify corrective action to take and follow up.


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