Energy Petroleum Company is a Shell Alliance Distributor serving customers throughout the Midwest with top quality Shell Lubricants for every application. Energy Petroleum has the ability and resources to meet your company’s wholesale lubrication needs.


Energy Petroleum knows the automotive, agriculture, construction, energy, forestry and paper, manufacturing, mining, oil, gas, and railway industries through and through. The high-durability Shell lubrication technologies deliver advanced equipment protection and operation performance in some of the world’s most challenging working environments. We also offer specialized lubrication services to help ensure the best performance for your operations and equipment.


All our lubricants have been formulated to meet the varied demands of the industry and the equipment on which it depends. We are proud to put our expert knowledge to use in offering customizable services for your business, as well as the best lubricants for the job.


Aggregate/Mining Grease

Metal Forming Fluids


Mineral Spirits

Artic Oils and Greases

Mist Lubricants

Base Oils

Multi-Purpose Greases

Bearing Lubricants

Natural Gas Engine Coolants

Circulating Oils

Natural Gas Engine Oils

Compounded Gear Lubricants

Oil Absorbents

Compressor Lubricants

Oven Conveyor Lubricants

Concrete Form

Oil Paper Machine Lubricants

Coupling Grease

Process Oils

Cutting Fluids

Quench Oils

Diesel/Gas Engine Oils

Railroad Oils

EDM Fluid

Refrigeration Oils

Electric Motor Grease

Rock Drill Lubricants

Environmentally Friendly Oils

Rust Preventatives

Extended Life Coolant (ELC)

Spindle Lubricants

Fire Resistant Fluids

Steam Cylinder Lubricants

Synthetic/High Temperature Grease

Food Machinery Grease

Transformer Oils

Food Machinery Lubricants

Transmission Oils

Forest Products

Turbine Oils

Gear Lubricants

Water Soluble Coolants

Heat Transfer Oils

Way Oils

Hydraulic Oils

White Oils

In-Process Cleaners

Windshield Washing Fluid

Marine Lubricants

Worm Gear Lubricants



Energy Petroleum is a also a proud supplier of other quality brands of lubricants, including our house brand, NRG Lubricants, and Mystik to name a few. To find more information about Energy Petroleum’s lubricants, please contact an Energy Petroleum Lubricant Consultant at 314-383-3700.


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