Transportation Service

Transportation Service

Energy Petroleum Company is a licensed common carrier of petroleum products, condensate and chemicals. Our delivery fleet has grown to over 25 units, manned by a 24/7/365 professional team of more than 25 hazmat certified drivers.


Our marketing area includes 2 states, Missouri and Illinois, and we plan to continue increasing the size of our fleet and service area. Our transports can be custom configured to meet our customers’ unique requirements.


Guaranteed Delivery

Energy Petroleum Company has a 24-hour, professionally staffed dispatch center. Our dispatchers have a direct communication link to our drivers, to insure on time, every time delivery service.



With award-winning safety programs employed, our customers exposure to accidents and mishaps is eliminated by contracting their petroleum transportation needs with Energy Petroleum’s professional driving team. We have achieved an exceptional safety record over 86 years of compliance with state and federal regulations in connection with the storage and transportation of hazardous and flammable liquids.


Our state of the art, modern delivery fleet has the latest technology; so necessary to transport your products safely and efficiently.


Customized Deliveries

Energy Petroleum Company will customize a transportation and delivery program to meet each of our customers’ exacting requirements. We have earned the reputation as a leader in providing exceptional petroleum transportation services, logging thousands of miles each year in the process of delivering nearly a millon gallons of various petroleum products. Energy Petroleum Compnay has the experience and a large and modern delivery fleet to handle our customers’ needs effectively and on time. Simply stated: Energy Petroleum Gets the Job Done!


Energy Petroleum Company is licensed to transport the following products:


  •   Alcohol
  •   Anti Freeze
  •   Carbon Black Oil
  •   Condensate
  •   Creosote
  •   Crude Oil
  •   Diesel Fuel
  •   Ethanol
  •   Fuel Oil
  •   Gasoline
  •   Jet Fuel and Av Gas
  •   Glycol
  •   Kerosene and JP 8
  •   Lube Oil
  •   Mineral Oil
  •   Mineral Spirits
  •   Transformer Oil
  •   Transmission Fluid
  •   White Mineral Oil
  •   And Various Other Products


If you have a question about a product not listed here, please contact our transportation department. 314-383-3700


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