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  • Do you lease your fuel equipment?
    • Yes- Leased and loaned equipment are available to approved customers.


  • Does Energy Petroleum deliver fuel on an emergency basis outside normal business hours?
    • Yes- Please dial 314-383-3700.  Someone is available 24/7.


  • Does Energy deliver fuel and lubricants?
    • Both fuel and lubricants are delivered in bulk and various package sizes.


  • Where is your delivery radius?
    • Deliveries are routinely made the next business day within 50 miles of St. Louis and 150 mile radius scheduled routes. 


  • How much notice to I need to get fuel delivered?
    • Most fuel is delivered within 12-24 hours depending on when the order is placed.


  • What refiners do you get fuel from?
    • Energy Petroleum Company is a Phillip 66 and Conoco branded Distributor.  Many unbranded supply points are also available throughout Missouri and Illinois.


  • What types of fuel does Energy sell?
    • Gasoline, Diesel, Biodiesel, Jet A, Avgas, K-1 Kerosene, E85, Ethanol


  • Do you sell Winter Diesel fuel?
    • Yes- Fuel is typically winterized November 1st through March 1st.


  • Do you have a certified lubrication specialist on staff?
    • Yes


  • What brands of lubricant oils does Energy carry?
    • Shell, Pennzoil, Quaker State, Chevron, Phillips 66, Mobil, and NRG Lubricants


  • Do you sell and deliver biodiesel?
    • Yes


  • Can I mix biodiesel with regular diesel fuel in my vehicle?
    • Yes, however, we recommend you speak with your engine manufacturer for warranty protection with questions regarding blend ratios.


  • Where is your biodiesel made?
    • Our biodiesel is produced in Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa.


  • Do I have to modify my diesel vehicle to use biodiesel?
    • Biodiesel acts as a cleaning agent.  Therefore, you may have to change filters a few times when changing over to Biodiesel blend > 2.5%.


  • What fleet fueling options do you offer?
    • Customized deliveries for both on and off road applications.


  • Can I get a fleet fueling account with Energy Petroleum?
    • Yes- Please contact a friendly Energy Petroleum representative for more information: 314-383-3700.


  • How often do you bill customers?
    • Daily


  • I have several pieces of industrial equipment running 24/7.  Can you help me extend component life and lower my costs?
    • Yes, our trained staff will be happy to advise and inform you on the current money savings products and techniques. 


  • I need an equipment lubrication survey.  Can you help me?
    • Yes, a staff member will be happy to assist you with this particular survey.  Please contact us at 314-383-3700.


  • I am the new maintenance manager, and I am afraid over time we have bought too many different products.  Can you help me lower my costs and consolidate my inventory?
    • Yes- Our knowledgeable staff will conduct a product consolidation survey to help reduce your inventory carry costs. 


  • I want to be able to access my account information online.  How can you help me?
    • Yes- Please contact customer service and they will appropriately direct your call: 314-383-3700.


  • I am a branded location, but I am not happy with the brand I current carry.  How can you help me?
    • Our knowledgeable staff will demonstrate why Energy Petroleum Company is a proven leader for nearly 85 years. 


  • I am an unbranded location and would like to find a partner to help me become a major brand location.  How can you help me?
    • Please contact us and an evaluation will be conducted by store inspection and fuel volumes.  314-383-3700


  • Do you have someone or a service available to help me get my fuel after hours and/or on holidays?
    • Yes- please call customer service to arrange for this service. 314-383-3700


  • My current supplier always seems to have a problem getting the product that I need because the terminal is out of the supply is on strict allocation.  Can you help me with this problem?
    • Yes- Energy has multiple supply contracts and supply points to ensure an abundant supply at all times.


  • I frequently run out of fuel because the carrier doesn’t get my loads to me when I need them.  What can you do to help me?
    • Energy can monitor your fuel usage electronically and deliver even when you are not there. 


  • I have a busy schedule which makes it hard for me to keep track of my fuel inventory.  Can you help me?
    • Energy Petroleum Company can provide electronic fuel and lubricant tank monitoring systems and deliveries to low tanks.  Furthermore, the United States Environmental Protection Agency compliance data can be reconciled every evening.
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