Fleet Fueling & Mobile On-Site Fueling

Fleet Fueling & Mobile On-Site Fueling


Energy Petroleum Company’s Fleet Fueling service provides your company’s fleet diesel or gasoline, day or night, accurate and dependable service. Energy Petroleum offers a transportation logistics system which offers a feature-rich, real-time solution for processing orders, managing dispatch functions and digitally capturing delivery information. The unique design of the truck dispatch software, provides a high degree of core functionality. The system fully accommodates our tankwagons, transports and fleet fueling operations. The system utilizes a handheld computer, found in the cab of each truck. Hand held computers are used for deliveries made by both tankwagon and transport, as well as operations or in environments where fleet fueling is required. All approved handheld devices offer portability, signature capture and barcode scanning. Energy Petroleum trucks are equipped with thermal printers, and drivers can be outfitted with belt-mounted printers to accommodate customers’ requirements. Energy Petroleum trucks are also equipped with document scanners helping in invoice turnaround times and invoice reconciliation. Our software enables Energy Petroleum to take complete control over our trucks, employees and inventory; the three most costly components of our business, thus increasing our productivity and providing significant cost savings to our customers and allowing them access to our fleet once unheard of in the industry. Energy Petroleum has been a forerunner in the fleet fueling market and continues to lead the way with our transportation logistics program.


Benefits of Fleet Fueling:

  • Customized service to meet your needs
  • Emergency fueling services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Cuts miscellaneous charges on company credit cards
  • Equipment is fueled and ready when employees return to work
  • Fueling directly into your equipment
  • Generator fueling
  • Eliminate need for on-site fuel tank storage


Companies who benefit: 

  • Operations at strip centers and leased properties
  • Construction sites
  • Equipment operators on small job sites
  • Companies requiring generator fueling
  • Companies who fuel refrigeration units
  • Companies with temporary job sites
  • Truck fleets of any size
  • Companies whose vehicles are parked overnight in one central location


Fleet fueling applications are a perfect candidate to take advantage of the bar coding portion of our system.


What does Energy Petroleum Offer?


  • Barcode Scanning 
  • Back Office Integration
  • Paperless Delivery Records
  • Printed Receipts with Signature Capture
  • On the Spot Pricing
  • BOL Tracking
  • Flexible Reporting



  • Vehicle Identification Numbers
  • Gallons Per Vehicle
  • Time Vehicles were filled
  • Type of Product per Vehicle
  • Total Gallons By Product for the Stop



  • Your order is dispatched and all delivery functions are performed in a paperless environment
  • Maintain up-to-the-minute inventory control
  • Reduce time from delivery to invoice
  • Better Manage your deliveries
  • Ability to track Energy Petroleum trucks for total fleet management
  • Saves you time and money



The system allows Energy Petroleum to track fueling locations easily with GPS technology, capture vehicle identification numbers, product delivered, gallons delivered, and verify the time each vehicle was fueled.


How does it work?

1) Orders Dispatched Wirelessly to Truck

  • Order arrives on handheld in the truck


2) Driver Arrives at First Stop

  • Opens order on the handheld
  • Display special instructions for that stop


3) Driver Begins Fueling

  • Scans first truck with handheld
  • Leather swilling holster for hands free operation “Nylon Swiveling”
  • Handheld communicates wirelessly with truck
  • View gallons on handheld
  • Truck Completed
  • Scan next vehicle
  • Begin fueling next vehicle
  • Repeat (scan & fuel until order is complete)


4) Wirelessly Transmit Data to Server

  • Data received seconds after order is closed
  • Edit tickets (if needed) –  The driver can make notes, but is unable to change the data coming from the meter. This ensures data integrity. (Fraud prevention)
  • Post fueling detail to the web
  • Post fueling details to your accounting system
  • Run fleet fueling reports activities


Call or email now for your free business analysis and see how Energy Petroleum’s Fleet Fueling program can work for you so your assets can work for you!  


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