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“I called to express my thanks. I just called and you all were able to bring out my home heating oil immediately so I don’t run out. {I don’t plan the best in the world.}

Thank you. From the employees at the office to your drivers, you are just good people, and I am really grateful. Thank you for getting my oil out to me today. It might not be a big deal to somebody, but it’s a big deal to me and my family! And I really want to tell you guys, thank you."

Heating Oil Customer

“We have a great working relationship with Energy, and we appreciate the quick turnaround when the demand unexpectedly arises. Energy’s overall concern is to ensure we are well taken care of. As a matter of fact, we have a generator that has 18,275 hours on it straight without any problems or pauses. We know it’s because of Energy’s great products and services they offer that this many productive hours have come out of this one particular generator without issues.”

Joint Venture

“Your service is top notch. Anytime we had questions, you have made it a priority to take care of us. Even when we operate on multiple sites with several deliveries, Energy is there for us to ensure our needs are met!”

Grading & Excavating Company

“We appreciate the relationship with Energy because in our business, needs and demands can change at the drop of a hat. When those needs and demands change as quickly as they do, we need Energy to react just as rapidly, and they never let us down. It’s nice to have the reassurance knowing when our world gets rocks unexpectedly, Energy is there to make sure our needs are met. Additionally, with our many locations and sites, it is nice to know that Energy can contact the right people in the right places to get the needed products at one of our sites immediately, and we are not stuck waiting around for the desired products to arrive. Needless to say, Energy takes care of us, and together we are accomplishing great things.”

Steel Industry

“To say the least, it’s been a true pleasure working with Energy Petroleum Company for over 40 years. It’s incredibly reassuring knowing we have an honest relationship, working with honest people. The Energy team ensures our needs are always met, and Energy lives up to their word. If they tell us we will have a delivery that afternoon, then it’s here in the afternoon. Energy consistently lives up to their promises and it’s something here at Drilling Service Company that we value and appreciate.”

Drilling Service Company

“Energy Petroleum has been an asset to our business as they have the same business philosophy we do. They take care of their customers by being friendly and making common sense decisions. We have grown to know their people by more than just a name, we know them by face. Energy has given us many opportunities to meet their employees and discuss our needs in person. That doesn’t happen in this business anymore. You can talk directly to the decision makers. That is very important rather than talking to a person you can’t understand in another country that really doesn’t have your best interests at heart. We look forward to our future with Energy Petroleum. Together we will grow and build a business relationship second to none.”

Fast Lube Company

“Energy Petroleum Company has been a valued supplier of our company since the late 1970’s. We count on Energy for several products including hydraulic, way and cutting oils. Energy’s products have always been high quality and very competitively priced. They offer next day delivery from their St. Louis warehouse to us via their own truck at no extra cost, and never fail to keep us supplied. Energy’s sales representatives have been very helpful and have made many suggestions that have worked out extremely well for us.”

Machinist and Tool Industry

“We wanted to take a minute and drop you a line and thank you for being a great fuel and lubricants supplier. We at Hansen’s could not be happier with our relationship…You guys have always been a pleasure to deal with. I wanted to thank your company for a great relationship!”

Tree Service


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