Fuel Catalysts

Fuel Catalysts

Energy Petroleum Company provides a wide selection of diesel catalysts to help with many applications. Diesel Fuel Catalysts can provide many long-term benefits.


Fuel Reduction:

Diesel Fuel Catalysts contain components which improve engine ignition, therefore reducing fuel consumption. The BTU of the fuel is also raised, resulting in more consistent and complete combustion. Higher BTU contributes to a much better fuel charge with more power and a dramatic reduction in emissions. On average, fuel usage is reduced from 5% to 20%.


Cetane Improvement:

Increase cetane ratings. This increase will assure better cold starting and faster warm-ups resulting in less time wasted waiting.



Bacteria, fungus and yeast are killed and dissolved by the detergency of the catalyst. The dissolved bacteria, fungus and yeast are sent through the filter and burned harmlessly.


Emission Reductions:

As a result of using catalyst technology hydro carbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) are reduced. This reduction is due to an increase in complete combustion. On average oxides of nitrogen are reduced by 20%.


For more information about fuel catalysts and how you may benefit from using them in your fuel, please contact an Energy Petroleum sales representative.

Please email orders@energypetro.com or call 314-383-3700 to place your order today.

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