Pennzoil Pure Plus Full Synthetic Motor Oil is here!!

Energy Petroleum carries Pennzoil Ultra Platinum & Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic motor oils!  First of it’s kind synthetic motor oil made from NATURAL GAS….

Ultra Platinum 1 qt.         Platinum 1 qt

Check out more for yourself here:

Pennzoil Platinum Synthetic Motor Oil with PurePlus Technology.

Both Oil Change Plus and local Fast Lubes participated in the Pennzoil Pure Plus Launch alerting their community and customers of this re-imagined full synthetic motor oil.  Be sure to visit them for your next full synthetic oil change!


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Five Benefits of Fleet & Mobile Fueling

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If you run a construction or transport company, what is the best strategy for keeping equipment fueled?

Traditionally, many operations purchase fuel supplies to keep on site and rely on their staff to refuel and service equipment as needed.  But is this really the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective strategy?

Increasingly, construction and commercial operations are using fleet fueling (also known as mobile fueling) as a fuel management strategy to monitor fuel use, assess product inventory and collect data about equipment usage.  The best fleet fueling services use bar code scanning technology to help business owners manage costs, time, and ensure safety.

Here is an example of how it works: unique bar code scan tags are applied to all equipment that requires refueling at a particular site.  At night, the fleet-fueling provider (us) arrives and electronically scans each bar code scan tag to access which type of product(s) that piece of equipment requires.  Fleet fueling services collect data such as which equipment was refueled, how much fuel was used, and where the equipment was located.

All of the collected data scanned from the bar code scan tags is computerized and can be transferred to the relevant manager or administrator immediately for their review.

Let’s look at five key benefits of a fleet fueling service:

Overnight service: experienced fleet-fueling distributors, like Energy Petroleum, help you prepare for the busy day ahead by servicing your equipment overnight or when not in use.  This saves travel time to a refueling station and flags any potential equipment problems before the start of the workday.

Correct product application: fleet-fueling experts are specialists when it comes to knowing which product is right for specific types of equipment.  Fleet fueling providers make sure your equipment performs as needed every day.

Improved safety: environmental and safety regulations increasingly limit where and how much fuel can be stored.  Fleet fueling eliminates the need for on-site tank storage, which is tightly regulated in urban areas like St. Louis.  Also, fleet fueling tends to reduce the number and severity of spills, since fleet-fueling providers are professionally trained and experienced in handling every type of product.

Equipment sustainability: expert fleet-fueling providers, like Energy Petroleum, use the right amount of the right product at the right time.  Organized data collection via bar code scan tags make it easy to spot issues as they arise because equipment information is consistently collected and reviewed on a regular basis.

Cost savings: great fleet-fueling strategies mean your skilled labor force will not need to spend their time re-fueling equipment.  Efficient fleet-fueling providers can help you identify your best product-purchasing options by establishing how much and how often your equipment requires fueling.

Is fleet fueling right for you?  Ask an experienced fleet and mobile fueler at Energy Petroleum for their recommendation based on your site location and hours of operation.  In the right circumstances, fleet fueling can go a long way in improving your business efficiency and reducing operating expenses.  As construction and commercial operations seek better ways to optimize their businesses and improve environmental safety, they are finding fleet fueling provides benefits in each of these key areas.

11th Annual Energy Bowl hits the $60,000 mark for MDA!

Energy Bowl Awards website picture

It was another incredible year for our Energy Bowl event!  Over 200 people filled the 40 lanes at Brunswick Zone, and over $60,000 was raised for the MDA, Muscular Dystrophy Association.   Participants and vendors enjoyed great food, auction and raffles, bowling, and loads of fun!  We would like to express a warm, appreciative thank you to all our participants, donors, and vendors.  Although our Energy Express employees raised a significant amount of money in the stores for the “Round Up Your Change” campaign, we certainly could not have rasied as much as we did without the generous support from our vendors.  Thank you!

Also, a big thank you to our 2014 King Pin Sponsors: Phillips 66, Enloe Aluminum, Werts Welding & Tank Service, Pabst Brewing Company, and Energy Marketing LLC.

Congratulations to Danny Montedusso of Team Summit Distributing for having the high series; even bowling an impressive 300 for game 3!  Also, congratulations to Team Summit Distributing, Team Grey Eagle Distributing, and Team Welch ATM for winning the Premium, Mid-Grade, and Regular flights, respectively.   Additionally, congratulations to our Manchester Energy Express store for raising the most money through the “Round Up Your Change” campaign!

Please mark your calendars for the 12th Annual Energy Bowl event: January 16, 2015!

Quick Lube Roundtable Success!

“What an informative, insightful meeting.  Thank you, Energy!”   -Quick Lube Owner, participant

Energy Petroleum wants to thank all the wonderful customers and participants for attending our January 15th Quick Lube Roundtable.  Valuable information was shared during the meeting, and several fun activities followed our best practice sharing.  We hope everyone enjoyed the event as much as we did!

Quick Lube Roundtable  Race Track

Energy Petroleum to host “Lunch & Learn”

Please join us along with Shell on Tuesday, January 21st to discuss fundamentals of oil analysis, lubricants and maintenance optimization, and the value of synthetics.   The meeting for the construction industry will begin at 8am with lunch provided after the meeting concludes.  The meeting for our transport industry will begin at 1pm with lunch provided prior to the start of the meeting.  For more information and to RSVP for this FREE event, please contact us at 314-383-3700.

Energy Marketing to host 11th Annual Energy Bowl to benefit MDA

Are you ready for another great event at the 11th Annual Energy Bowl?  Get your teams together, shine those bowling shoes, and throw on your bowling shirts!  We will be knocking down bowling pins on Friday, January 17th at the Brunswick Zone Lakeside located at the corner of Dougherty Ferry & Big Bend starting at noon.  Please see the attached registration form and get your team in today!   11th Annual Entry Form

Energy Petroleum to host Quick Lube Roundtable

Please join us along with Shell and True Brand on Wednesday, January 15th to discuss latest trends, updates, and growth opportunities in the quick lube industry.  The roundtable begins at 2pm with a team endurance race at 5:30pm and dinner thereafter.   For more information and to RSVP for this FREE event, please contact us at 314-383-3700.

Energy Petroleum Receives the 2013 Excellence in Risk Management Award

Energy Petroleum Company recently received the 2013 Excellence in Risk Management Award from Energi.  Energi only awards this prestigious honor to companies who exhibit a commitment to loss prevention and who implement industry best practices along with passing a risk assessment compliance audit.  We were proud to receive this award as we strive to achieve an extremely safe and secure operation.

Energi is a leading provider of specialty risk management solutions, including insurance and reinsurance, to certain sectors of the Energy Industry.

Energy Petroleum Announces Their New Website

Energy Petroleum is extremely thrilled to announce the release of our new website, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation, updated with the latest information about our industry, products, and services.

The updated navigational pages contain information about our quality products and services.  You will be able to review our full line of products and services, browse additional products and services that make us stand apart in our industry, view our latest online specials, and keep up to date on what’s new with Energy Petroleum.

Our main priority was to build a more user-friendly, simple website to navigate and educate users with all Energy Petroleum has to offer.  The new design allows users to quickly find content and is also compatible for the mobile user.  Whether you are viewing on your smartphone or iPad, you will be able to see our latest website design with awesome features virtually anywhere.

Furthermore, we will continually be expanding and updating our online content to bring you revised and pertinent information.  Therefore, we encourage you to add our new site to your Favorites and check back often to connect with us on Facebook to receive notice as updates and new content are added.

Finally, we hope that you will enjoy browsing our new site, finding more options and information each time you visit us as it will be another strengthening tool for our business partnership.